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    Enjoy Fresh Air
    Each Individual needs 1000 ltrs of fresh air every hr for healthy living and well being.
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    Stop Using Mosquito Coils
    Smoke emitted from one mosquito repellant coil is equivalent to those of 100 cigarettes.
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    Protect Your Family
    from Insects

Premium Quality Mosquito Net Screen Doors and Windows

SNIPER.. A brand aspiring to make sensible products with measurable quality. We at sniper believe that well being, healthy lifestyle and simplicity are the route to Prosperity and sustainability. We commit ourselves for creating as well as delivering eco-friendly , sustainable products and solutions to improve life style of our esteemed customers

Roshini Industries , the company behind Sniper Mosquito Net Windows and Doors has expertise in Design & Execution of Flow System for Breathing Air, Ventilation Air and Compressed Air Systems. Our Strong Mechanical background helps us understand the need for insect Net Screen Windows & Doors as an essential requirement for facilitating healthy breathing air through natural ventilation, a strong reason for indulging our resources for building an insect screen system based on robust Aluminum extrusions and SS Mosquito Mesh.

Why Sniper Screens when we have so called "Cheap & Best" Netlon / Velcro Mesh Screens.

Natural ventilation is driven by wind velocity , insect screens cause obstruction to wind. Further dust blocks and chokes the air flow in plastic & synthetic nets such as nylon and fibre glass nets. Metal Meshes are thinner, stronger and discharge static electricity thus are the ideal material for mosquito screens. They are self cleaning / easy to maintain and can enable maximum natural ventilation in contrast to plastic and Velcro based nets which suffer for static charge and dust attraction.

Velcro Nets are best used for insect prevention on temporary basis owing to their short life span ( 2- 3 yrs of occasional use ) and are best suited for rented houses. Ventilation is bare minimal due to dust accumulation issues and life span is effected by damage caused by UV rays in sunlight. Small Animals like lizards, rats and rodents can easily damage these velcro nets as these are delicate and fragile in construction.

Sniper Brand Mosquito Net Windows on the other hand are build using SS 304 Mosquito Net Screens ( With other options such as Phifer SS Mesh ) and aluminum frames with metal accessories. Our construction involves premium components which have clear technical specifications, are built to industrial quality standards with a variety of colours to suit your insect protection needs. Our Proprietary aluminium frame system is build using custom profiles can be used in versatile location. We can provide direct wall / upvc window installations, wooden frame windows , mosquito screens roof / balcony covering, window / safety grill fly net coverings.


Enjoy fresh air at home / workplace

Each Individuals need 1000ltrs of fresh air/hr for healthy living and well being.

Choice of colors / Net screen option

Wide option of colors and netscreens to choose from.

Robust and lasting construction

Each window / doors is constructed using aluminium profiles with solid metalcorners and track hinges creating a long lasting solution.

Promotes Natural ventilation and lighting

Not just protects you from insects, our systems are designed to enable maximum natural ventilation and lighting

All The Above Benefits with Zero Electricity with Plenty of Natural Lighting as Side Effect ...!