Our Open able Mosquito Net windows are a no frill product with maximum ventilation & insect protection.

The Openable net screen window built to last with custom engineered mosquito net aluminium frames assembled with metal components such as solid metal corners, adjustable track hinges, flexible pvc beadings and flexible magnetic strips for maximum protection from mosquito, flies, harmful insects as well as small animals such as lizards, centipedes , cockroaches and other unwanted trespassers.

Our Openable Screen Windows are aesthetically designed, very sturdy in Construction and build with finest material to suite everyday use. Your home is a healthier, more comfortable place to live when you can keep the mosquito’s out but let the fresh air in. This product is suitable for Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Food Processing Units, Industries, Hostels, Resorts, etc.



  • Custom made to your Windows.
  • Complete seal around the windows using custom made magnetic strips and weather piles.
  • Very Simple to clean and less care required to maintain.
  • Very sturdy to suite everyday use.
  • Aesthetically designed to blend with you Doors.
  • Our Window comes with 12 Months warranty.

Mesh Options

Mesh Options: Stainless Steel Black, Fiberglass grey, Fiberglass Black, Aluminum Black, Aluminum Natural, Bronze

Robust & Lasting

Each window / doors is constructed using aluminium profiles with solid metalcorners and track hinges creating a long lasting solution.

Ventilation & Lighting

Not just protects you from insects, our systems are designed to enable maximum natural ventilation and lighting